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Celeste Contract Packaging

  • Sell-side Engagement
  • Pharmaceutical Manufactuirng
  • Transaction Completed in About 6 Weeks

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Fastest. Transaction. Ever

Celeste Contract Packaging, located in Easton, Maryland, is an FDA-registered pharmaceutical and medical device packager with a specialty in single use applications. Celeste Contract Packaging was part of Celeste Industries Corporation, which included the packaging business as well as a transportation chemical business. Brockway Moran & Partners engaged the TKO Miller team to advise them on a strategy to maximize value for the contract packaging division.

We researched the industry and found private equity-owned PrePak Holdings. PrePak was eager to make add on acquisitions to complete its offerings in the specialty pharmaceutical packaging space. The TKO Miller team structured and negotiated a sale at a preemptive price in a very short time frame.

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