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GSI General Materials, LLC

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  • A David and Goliath Scenario as General Materials Sells a Division to Home Depot

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Selling to the Fortune 50

GSI General Materials, LLC is a rapidly-growing chain of construction supply centers located in North and South Carolina and one of two sister companies, the other being Geo-Synthetics, Inc. of Waukesha, WI. Geo-Synthetics specializes in fabricating and installing geo-textiles and related erosion control products for large construction projects nationwide.

With the addition of GSI General Materials, HD Supply White Cap Construction Supply leverages GSI General Materials' strong customer relationships, talented associates, and operational excellence to strengthen its ability to serve professional customers throughout North and South Carolina.

The shareholders of Geo-Synthetics and GSI General Materials engaged the TKO Miller team to structure a transaction that separated the assets of two businesses, so that HD Supply White Cap Construction Supply was able to purchase the Southeastern distribution business while preserving the Waukesha, WI-based business for Geo-Synthetic's owners.

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