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Landec Corporation – Intelimer Technology

  • Identified Licensing Partner to Expand Markets 
  • Carved Out Areas Where Landec Technology Was Not Being Used
  • Air Products Had a Desire to Move Into Personal Care, And This Was a Low-Risk Way to Do So

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Don't Sell The Business, Find a Licensing Partner for The Technology

Landec Corporation (Nasdaq: LNDC), based in Menlo Park, California, is a developer and marketer of technology-based polymer products for food, agricultural, and licensed partner applications.

Landec engaged a member of the  TKO Miller team to assist it in identifying a licensing partner that would be able to apply Landec’s technology to new industries on a global basis.  We assisted Landec in negotiating a licensing agreement with Air Products (NYSE: APD) for the use of Landec’s patented Intelimer® polymer technology in a wide range of applications including personal care products, latent catalysts, cleaning products, and disposable non-woven products.

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