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Northland Stainless

  • Sell-side transaction
  • Manufacturer
  • International, Publicly Traded Buyer

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Owner Tried to Sell The Business on His Own, But Missed the Best Buyer

Northland Stainless Inc., located in Tomahawk, Wisconsin, is a fully-integrated manufacturer and supplier of custom fabricated stainless steel pressure vessels, tank heads and components for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, food, beverage, paper and ethanol customers. Founded in 1973, Northland has a long-standing reputation of delivering steel pressure vessels for the most demanding industries.

After trying to sell the Company on his own, the owner of Northland engaged the TKO Miller team to market the Company to strategic and financial buyers that would value Northland's reputation for quality and prospects for future growth. The business was consolidated into Silvan Industries, a division of Samuel Manu-Tech Inc. (Toronto Stock Exchange: SMT.TO), a leading North American industrial products and technology company that produces a wide range of steel, plastic and related industrial products.

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