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The C.E. White Company

  • Sell-side Assignment
  • Manufacturing Company
  • Valuation Above Expectations

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Niche Manufacturing Company Delivers Superior Value

The C.E. White Company, located in New Washington, Ohio, is a manufacturer and supplier of integrated shoulder harness school bus seats and transit seating for buses and vans. The C.E. White Company has been at the forefront of designing and testing three-point seat belts for schools and states in order to provide the safest possible transport for children.

The private equity owners of The C.E. White Company engaged the TKO Miller team to market the Company to strategic and financial buyers that would value the Company's reputation for quality and prospects for future growth. We worked with the company to source buyers, and ultimately sold the company to Austin Capital. This transaction delivered a significant return to selling shareholders, allowed management to gain an ownership position, and capitalized the company to take advantage of future growth opportunities.

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