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About Our Company

Bringing Big Bank Experience to the Middle Market.  It's our tagline and we really believe it.  The investment banking team at TKO Miller has years of transaction experience and we use our training and talents to bring that experience to our middle market clients.

 If you have a very large business to sell, investment banks from all over will come to work on your transaction.  Too often, if you have a middle market transaction, you were left with substandard advisors.  We bring together companies on a national and international scale to help our clients achieve their personal and strategic objectives. 

All TKO Miller professionals have come from larger investment banks and have made the decision to live in the Midwest and service the middle market.  We particularly enjoy working with family and founder held business.  


Average Size of Transaction

An average TKO Miller transaction ranges from $10 to $200 million in enterprise value.  We will work with smaller transactions if they are in an industry where we have a specialization.

Geographic Focus

We are based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but TKO Miller has a very broad footprint.  Our clients are from all parts of North America and at times, Europe.  

Our Fee Structure

TKO Miller receives a retainer payment at the beginning of an assignment that partially offsets our expenses.  However, the bulk of our compensation comes in the form of a success fee that is paid when a transaction closes.  This structure is designed to ensure performance:  If a deal does not close, we do not get paid!

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