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Buy-Side Advisory

At its simplest, purchasing a business looks like this: you start broadly, considering the entire universe of prospects, then whittle it down to the one that’s just right for you. But this simplicity can be deceptive. All the steps between require patience, knowledge, connections and experience. That’s what TKO Miller brings to the table as your buy-side advisory team.

Driven By Strategy

Want to grow your company efficiently? Don’t wait for random opportunities to come to you. TKO Miller makes sure that targets are customized to fit your strategy. We then utilize our deep industry knowledge and contacts to communicate with targets that are not parts of larger auctions, creating value for our clients in the process. 

“I have worked with the principals of TKO Miller for more than 20 years. Over that time, we completed more than 20 transactions and pursued countless others. TKO Miller was an integral part of taking our business from $50 million of revenue to over $1 billion. “

— Marc Wilson, Former CEO & President of Safway Services

The TKO approach to buy-side work is a little different from other investment banks. We do not believe that running SIC code searches, sending mass mailings or posting “business wanted” ads on websites yield good results. Generally, those approaches get you companies that are for sale versus the companies that you want. 

Our team works with you throughout the entire buying process, identifying targets, assisting with valuations, assisting with legal documents and negotiating the sale itself.

An In-Depth Look at the Buy-Side Process

Over the course of 24 to 40 weeks, TKO Miller advisors deliver a complex set of services supporting our clients at all junctures.

Target Identification

2-4 weeks

We set out to evaluate a broad universe of prospects, narrowing it down to the best ones. We perform initial screening, begin discussions and create a final target list all within the first month.

Target Contact

2-8 weeks

We then establish contact with targets and arrange for in-person meetings. We take a customized approach to each target, reaching them in the ways that work best for them.

Initial Due Diligence + Meetings

4-12 weeks

During this time, it’s critical that we develop chemistry with the target. Here, we work to “sell” the potential transaction to the target while analyzing them and drafting a letter of intent. We also hammer out the price strategy and the deal structure.

Deal Completion

8-16 weeks

Once we’ve understood all aspects of the target, we negotiate and close the deal. We perform detailed due diligence, perform any remaining negotiations and bring everyone to the closing table.

Buy-Side Done Right: A Guide

Working with an investment banker or M&A advisor can be a game-changer for businesses looking to grow. Still, it’s important to enter into such a relationship with realistic expectations and the right frame of mind. Our eBook, “Buy-Side Done Right: Using an M&A Advisor to Grow,” describes the buy-side process in detail, and it outlines the specific responsibilities of the M&A advisor and the corporate client. It includes information on:

  • Finding targets
  • Working with an M&A advisor
  • What to do once you find a target
  • Completing the deal