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Bringing Big Bank Experience to the Middle Market

TKO Miller's investment banking professionals have years of experience in closing middle market deals, and our track record of successfully completed transactions speaks for itself. Please click on the following links to learn more about the types of transactions that our mergers and acquisitions professionals have successfully completed.


Selling your business requires the right story, the right buyers, and proper management.  TKO Miller works with business owners to craft the selling information, to find the appropriate group of buyers (financial and strategic) and stays with the client through all phases of the transaction.  There are hundred of decisions that need to be made during a sale process that can impact the valuation you receive for your business.  Our transaction experience along with our dedication to our clients' needs means that you will never be making one of those sale-based decisions alone.


TKO Miller works with our clients throughout the entire buy-side process.  We identify targets, assist with the valuation of those targets, draft the legal documents, and negotiate the sale process.  We can also assist with due diligence and financial review.  

TKO Miller works with individuals who have a company to purchase and the expertise to run it but simply need to find a financial partner to make it happen.  We use the same relationships and techniques used in a sale or recapitalization to make sure that you are partnered with the right financial group. 

Recapitalizations allow a business owner to sell part of their business and give them the ability to capitalize the equity that they have worked long and hard to create within that business.  For business owners that do not want to retire or walk away from the business, but are tired of financing growth, sometimes with personal guarantees, this is an excellent way to continue to grow your company while simultaneously reducing your personal risks. 

TKO Miller can work with a business owner to leverage its many relationships in the lending community to approach financial institutions that may not have been available to the business owner.  We can also work to negotiate term sheets and leverage limits using our industry and market knowledge that may allow our customers to increase debt availability, receive better terms and in some cases, remove any personal guarantees.

TKO Miller can work with your company to perform a pre-sale consultation.  As your Board of Directors in a Box, we will evaluate the areas most explored by buyers and create a list of topics that you and your management team can address prior to a sale.  By focusing on areas of weakness prior to selling the company, you will avoid unpleasant surprises and maximize your chances at receiving the highest possible valuation.  Even if you aren't ready to sell now, knowing where your company's challenges are can help you build a better business for whenever you decide to exit. 


Learn more about things to consider when selling your family or founder-held business.  This book includes helpful hints, pitfalls to avoid and real transaction examples.

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TKO Miller recognized the importance of identifying a partner that shares my vision for T&B's future.

Berk Ellis
- President and CEO - T&B Equipment

The professionals at TKO Miller were experts at the transaction issues that arose when I bought S.R. Sales.  However, they also brought to the table the ability to deal with issues such as understanding family dynamics and personalities.  Without their experience in both the technical and emotional areas of a transaction, it would never have been completed.

John Steindorf
-CEO & President S.R. Sales Company
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