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A Viable Alternative to Selling


Selling your entire business isn’t always the best solution. Whether you’re seeking to diversify, stop guaranteeing debt or stay on board in some capacity, a recapitalization may be the answer.

Capitalizing on Hard-Earned Equity 

A popular form of restructuring is a recapitalization, which is often undertaken to maximize shareholder value or to stabilize a company’s capital structure. Regardless of reasons, recapitalization allows a business owner to sell part of their business and gives them the ability to capitalize on equity they worked long and hard to create. 

For business owners that do not want to retire or walk away from the business, but are tired of financing growth, sometimes with personal guarantees, this is an excellent way to continue growing your company while simultaneously reducing personal risks. 

In these situations, TKO Miller introduces professional equity partners that work with the management team to fund growth, develop new markets or acquire a competitor. TKO Miller works diligently to make sure you’re partnered with a financial group that will pay the highest value for the part of the business that they are acquiring, as well as shares your corporate culture and management philosophy. 

Benefits of Recapitalizations

  • Owners can extract cash from their business without selling/retiring
  • Owners no longer have to guarantee the debt
  • The business grows with someone else’s capital 
  • Management teams can become partial owners 
  • Maximizes shareholder value
  • Brings stability to capital structure

Tapping into TKO’s Network

TKO Miller maintains hundreds of relationships with private equity and family offices all over North America and Europe. TKO Miller uses proprietary databases along with its extensive deal experience to make sure you’re partnered with the right group.