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Deal Team Six Podcast®

Are you contemplating a sale of your business? Deal Team Six® is a mergers and acquisitions podcast created specifically for family- and founder-held business owners that are contemplating a sale of their company. The podcast will include a variety of M&A topics, as well as interviews with business owners and industry professionals.

What’s the Big Deal?

Deal Team Six Podcast

Investment bankers aren’t well-known for their marketing prowess, so a podcast didn’t come naturally to our team. What does come naturally to us is great conversation. So often, we would be sitting in small groups talking about a particular challenge facing a client, trouble in the economy or a funny story from the past, and I’d think, “we really should find a way to share this.”

We wrote blogs, and those are great, but they miss the energy of a real conversation. Finally, after a particularly compelling conversation with a former client, I asked if we could record the whole thing and he replied, “you mean, like a podcast?” and on that day, Deal Team Six was born.

We now have a studio in our offices, so that if we are having an interesting conversation, we can pop right in there and record it. I will sometimes ask guests who thought they were just visiting for a regular meeting to “sit for a short recorded impromptu podcast” (those are usually the best interviews).

In the end, our listeners and now, viewers get to see and hear short snippets of real-life situations, problems and answers, all with an eye toward assisting the family held business owner contemplating a sale transaction.

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