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Are you contemplating a sale of your business? Deal Team Six is a mergers and acquisitions podcast created specifically for family-and-founder-held business owners that are contemplating a sale of their company. The podcast will include a variety of M&A topics, as well as interviews with business owners and industry professionals.

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EP 001: Biden's Tax Proposal: How Capital Gains Tax Can Influence Your Business Sale
In this episode, Tammie Miller discusses with Partners, Joe Froehlich and Tim Olesczcuk, the valuation impacts companies are seeing from COVID-19 and weighs those against the potential increases in Joe Biden's tax proposal.

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Tammie Miller and Tim Oleszczuk started the Deal Team Six Podcast because they saw that there was lack of representation for middle market businesses in the investment banking world. This podcast will include stories from previous transactions, M&A market information, and candid discussions around topics that are important to business owners contemplating a sale. Most of the topics are inspired by former clients and past transactions.