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Industry Expertise


TKO Miller is a generalist M&A firm with experience across a broad range of industries in the middle market.  Our specialty is working with middle market businesses to achieve maximum value during a transaction. 

We specialize in helping family-and-founder-held businesses.  We recognize that the sale of an asset that may have been in a family for generations comes with emotional and financial repercussions.  Families often need more time to discuss the outcomes of a transaction among themselves.  They may need additional assistance understanding the various terms and conditions involved in a transaction.  TKO Miller professionals are prepared to spend the time necessary to assist in a transaction that works for our clients.

As a result of the diverse backgrounds of our accomplished M&A professionals, we have developed mergers and acquisitions expertise in certain industry areas.  These areas of M&A expertise include:

Diversified industrial manufacturing 

Manufacturing describes a diverse group of companies that require talented and experienced investment banking assistance.  Our industry-specialized bankers have the history and industry knowledge to assist these clients as they navigate a transaction.  

TKO Miller offers comprehensive investment banking services and products for our industrial and manufacturing customers.  Our deep industry knowledge combined with our creative solutions and outstanding deal execution has made us the clear choice for industrial and manufacturing companies nationwide.

Technology & tech-enabled services 

TKO Miller is one of the Midwest’s leading technology transaction advisors and has experience advising clients in the healthcare technology, FinTech, InsurTech, EdTech, software-as-a-service (SaaS), and other tech-enabled service sectors. These markets are complex and ever-changing, and technology business owners are faced with a unique set of transaction challenges when preparing for and executing on an exit. Therefore, it is crucial to have an advisor in your corner with the industry connections and transaction experience needed to help you successfully navigate the exit process.

Scaffolding & Construction services 

TKO Miller is the most experienced scaffolding and construction services investment bank in the United States.  Known as a prominent industry observer and tactician, TKO Miller is an active and well-known participant in the sector. We have completed over 30 transactions in this space with an aggregate transaction value over $2.5 billion. We have deep industry relationships in every phase of the scaffolding, access, construction, and industrial service industries, having worked for, against or counseled nearly every major player in the sector.  

Consumer products, Food & beverage 

The TKO Miller team has developed an industry expertise in the sale of consumer products, food and beverage companies held by families or divisions of larger corporations.  We understand how to value the things that are important to these businesses such as a strong distribution positions and powerful brands.  We advise on the sometimes problematic relationships that smaller companies can have with big box retailers.  The TKO Miller team can work with your business to pursue a transaction that addresses the challenges and opportunities associated with your consumer products or specialty retail business.  


The TKO Team has strong experience in paper, plastic, and packaging, with a particular focus in flexible packaging.  We understand the ins-and-outs of the industry, the different type of production processes, the latest consumer trends influencing the market, and the new, and potentially disruptive, technologies coming online.  Most importantly, having worked with both buyers and sellers of flexible packaging companies, we know what drives and erodes value from a buyer’s perspective, what strategic and financial buyers are looking for in acquisitions, and how to connect with the decision makers at each.

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