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Industry Expertise


TKO Miller is a generalist M&A firm with experience across a broad range of industries in the middle-market.  Our specialty is working with middle market businesses to achieve maximum value during a transaction. 

We specialize in helping family and founder held businesses.  We recognize that the sale of an asset that may have been in a family for generations comes with emotional and financial repercussions.  Families often need more time to discuss the outcomes of a transaction among themselves.  They may need additional assistance understanding the various terms and conditions involved in a transaction.  TKO Miller professionals are prepared to spend the time necessary to assist in a transaction that works for our clients.

However, as a result of the diverse backgrounds of our accomplished M&A professionals, we have developed mergers and acquisitions expertise in certain industry areas.  These areas of M&A expertise include:

Industrial Manufacturing 
As a result of being located in the Midwest, TKO Miller's clients have included many industrial manufacturing companies.  Recently, we have had the opportunity to work with companies involved in metals, metal forming, wire and tank industries.
Business Services & healthcare

Our expertise in the healthcare space comes from the fact that our backgrounds include stints as operators and advisors to this industry.  TKO Miller professionals can leverage this background to create value for our clients, whether its from finding the right buyers to identifying targets for a buy side engagement.  

Construction and building services

The TKO Miller team has extensive background in the building and construction services space.  In fact, there is no other investment bank with more experience in the rental industry, specifically scaffolding and construction formwork, than TKO Miller.  Our clients in this space are repeat customers and we have completed more than 50 transactions.

Consumer products
The TKO Miller team has developed an industry expertise in consumer products and specialty retail companies.  Many of our transactions involve moving successful brands to a buyer.  We understand how to value the components of a company that are brand-driven.
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