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diversified industrial manufacturing

Diversified Industrial Manufacturing

Led by our most senior professionals, the TKO Miller Industrials team serves as trusted advisors to company owners in a variety of industries. Whether it’s assembly and distribution, scaffolding and construction, metal fabrication, transportation — or even tanks and vessels — TKO Miller offers years of experience in Industrials M&A and advisory services.

Experience for Navigating Complex Deals

Manufacturing describes a diverse group of companies that require talented and experienced investment banking assistance. TKO Miller’s industry-specialized bankers have the history and industry knowledge to assist these clients as they navigate a transaction.  

We offer comprehensive investment banking services and products for our industrial and manufacturing customers. Our deep industry knowledge combined with our creative solutions and outstanding deal execution has made us the clear choice for industrial and manufacturing companies nationwide.

TKO Miller bankers have experience in a diverse group of sectors including:

  • Assembly and Distribution
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Wire Forming
  • Tanks and Vessels
  • Foundry, Casting and Machining
  • Engineered Equipment
  • Automation and Controls
  • Transportation
  • Automotive

Experience and Expertise: 

  • Member of the North American Die Casting Association
  • Member of the Precision Metal Forming Association
  • Member, SAIA, Scaffolding and Access Industry Association

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