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All Cast Quality Aluminum Die Castings

  • Sell-side transaction
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Overcame Significant Customer Concentration
  • Exceeded Owners Value Expectations

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Telling the Right Story to Attract Key Strategic Buyers Results in Value Well Above That Supported by Pure Financial Calculations 

Based in Allenton, Wisconsin, Allcast is a precision aluminum die casting company serving customers in the lighting, automotive, recreational vehicle, industrial products, and consumer goods markets. After experiencing significant growth in the business since 2010, the owners decided to pursue a sale of the company.

Allcast hired the TKO Miller team to market the business to financial buyers and to structure the transaction to maximize value for the shareholders, while allowing the existing management team to remain in place and to invest with the new owners. Allcast was sold to Aavid Thermalloy, a supplier of heat sinks and thermal management packages used for cooling electronics and systems. Aavid Thermalloy is a portfolio company of Audax Private Equity. The TKO Miller team introduced the Allcast story, highlighted the business fit, and generated interest from a number of qualified buyers, including Aavid Thermalloy.

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