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So, You Don't Think You Have Any Debt?  Ask Your Employees How Their Day is Going

I sit on a non-profit Board of Directors.  This organization is very conservative.  They have a line of credit they have never...

What if You're an Employee and You Want to Buy the Business?

It would be fun to write an aggressive "stick it to the man" article, but this will not be that.  Instead, I will be exploring...

Why a Management Team Should Always Be Talking About M&A

As an M&A professional, I am often met with the stigma from others that I can only be useful to a business owner when they are...

Packaging Newsletter - Q1 2023

Packaging Trends 

Q1 M&A Update

  • Valuations continue to remain strong across the packaging industry, despite economic...
Industrial and Construction Services Newsletter - Q1 2023

TKO Miller Market Analysis 

Industrial and Construction Services 

When to Call the M&A Advisor (Hint: It's Earlier Than You Think)

I am going to start this post with a little know secret that every business owner should know.  M&A advisors will do a lot -...

Interest Rates, M&A, and Middle Market Trends

We have all seen the data about M&A valuations decreasing and deal volume falling in the second half of 2022. Unfortunately,...

I Know You Want to - But ...Think Twice About Taking Capital From a Strategic Partner When You're a Small Business

Growing a small business is hard.  Bootstrapping the capital necessary to grow is difficult and time consuming and most...

Key Themes From A Recently Attended Private Equity Conference

I spend a lot of my time talking to private equity professionals. This might beg the question, "why would you want to do THAT?"

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