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Non-Compete Agreement to the Rescue: How to Handle an Employee Holding Your Business Sale Hostage

Have you stopped to think about your employee's ability to compete with your company if you were ever to engage in a sale...

Packaging Newsletter - Q3 2022

Packaging Trends 

Q3 M&A Update

  • Through the third quarter, deal volume was down by 40% compared to the same period in 2021,...
Packaging Newsletter - Q2 2022

Packaging Trends 

Mid-year 2022 is a tale of pluses and minuses, with some new concerns in the packaging segments.

Plus: Most...

Flexible Packaging Newsletter - Q1 2022

Flexible Packaging Trends 

Q1-2022 M&A activity has sustained its trajectory from 2021; we saw both strategic and financial...

TKO Miller Advises Power Test, Inc. on its Sale to StoneTree Investment Partners


Target: Power Test, Inc. 

Target Headquarters: Sussex, WI

Acquirer: StoneTree Investment Partners

Acquirer Headquarters: ...

Flexible Packaging Newsletter - Q4 2021

Flexible Packaging Trends 

2021 was an exciting year in Mergers and Acquisitions. Globally, 2021 hit a record of $5.0 trillion...

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