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PRESS RELEASE: Kelsey O'Gorman Joins TKO Miller, LLC

MILWAUKEE, WI. – Kelsey O'Gorman has joined the team at TKO Miller, LLC, a middle-market investment banking firm based in...

How Are Rollover Equity Transactions With Private Equity Typically Structured?

Rolling equity in a sale transaction remains as popular as ever.  Private equity firms believe that having management teams...

Will YE2022/Early 2023 be the Year of the Strategic Acquirer?

The low interest rate, high growth, and lofty valuation environment has made most business owners look Buffet-like and most...

More Than Money:  The Price Successors Pay to Take Over the Family Business

As the baby boomers age, we are seeing more and more businesses transition to the next generation of owners.  While being...

Could Psychopaths be Better at Selling Their Business?

A research study conducted at the University of California and published in the "Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin,...

Execu-Buyer Beware!

You are always more comfortable when someone is speaking your same language, and you are going to be flattered when the former...

Ready Or Not, Here They Come: Prepare For More Private Equity Cold Calling

It is one of the benefits or curses of having been in this business for so long - I have SEEN SOME THINGS.  Business cycles...

Why You Need Stay Bonuses For Key Employees When Selling A Business

The decision to sell a business is often accompanied by a lot of anxieties. The most pressing of these anxieties is, "how will...

What Your Cap Table Tells A Buyer About Your Business

The lowly cap table, or capitalization table, is probably document number 15 or 16 on the request list of buyers. ...

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