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Things Managers Should Think About When Investing in a Private Equity-Backed Transaction

Like any relationship, there are pushes and pulls built into the dynamic of private equity and company management.  Asking...

Who Are These People That Keep Calling Me About Selling My Business?

If you own a business, I am sure you have experienced groups calling you asking if you have an interest in selling your...

How to Sell Your Business to an Employee (and How Not to)

An interesting way to exit your business might be to sell it to an employee.  Sometimes, there is an heir apparent.  Other...

What If You Want to Sell Your Business to a Competitor

For some business owners, selling to a competitor is unfathomable.  You mention a competitor as a potential buyer and they...

PRESS RELEASE: TKO Miller, LLC Expands Team - Charlie Lorge

MILWAUKEE, WI – TKO Miller, LLC, a middle market investment banking firm based in Milwaukee, WI, today announced a new addition...

When Your Family Squabble Impacts Your Family Business

Remember when your sister took your favorite sweater and stretched out the sleeves?  Now imagine that level of emotion combined...

Remember Business Buyers, How You Behave During a Transaction is a Window Into How You Work

In a recent sale process, a potential buyer was at a management presentation with the CEO and management team of a company we...

Deal Fatigue Cannot be Cured With Coffee

And this is not a knock on the magical powers of coffee.

TKO Miller Advises TechCanary Corporation on its Sale to Applied Systems, Inc.

MILWAUKEE, WI (April 10, 2019) – TKO Miller is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of TechCanary Corporation, a...

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