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An M&A Advisor Will Not Muddy Your Sale Transaction

Here's the sad, sad movie that I get to see all the time: a business owner, that I have talked to, calls me to tell me that he...

All That Crazy Sh%t You Run Through Your Business - Your Business Broker Doesn't Care

Business owners are a funny bunch. They are almost universally type-A personalities and are stubbornly proud. There is a range...

Where Is Transaction Value Created When I Sell My Business?

As part of meeting with family-owned businesses, we often get asked how an entrepreneur can create value in his or her...

Talk to Me Now Versus Later

I was recently visiting with a business owner who was going through a lot of change in the way he financed his business.  

Even if You're Small, You Still Need Professional Advisors to Sell Your Business

If you have over $100 million in revenue, you can get pretty much any M&A advisor from New York or Chicago to fly down on their...

Making Sense of Business Comps in the Middle Market

Investment bankers use relative valuation techniques, often referred to as “comps and transactions” or “business comps”, to...

5 Keys to Finding Promising Strategic Buyers for Your Business

Oftentimes, prospective sellers envision a sale to a strategic buyer, but seldom do they know where to start or how to assure...

How to Engage an Investment Bank to Sell Your Business

When you have the decision to sell your business you often feel like you have jumped the highest hurdle.  In some ways, you...

Corporate Attorney's Guide to Increasing Value for a Client's Business Sale

Do you have a client that is selling, or thinking about selling their business? These business owners are often at a point...

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