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The State of the Scaffolding Industry: Q1 2018 Update

If you ask me the status of the scaffolding industry, the easy answer is, it depends on where you fall on the spectrum of large...

Q4 2017 Industrial Quarterly Newsletter

Industrial and Construction Services News

2018 Construction Industry Economic Outlook

Ken Simonson from the Associated General...

The Biggest Mistake a Business Owner Contemplating a Sale Can Make

Nearly every time I speak on a panel or to a group of business owners, the question inevitably comes up, “What are some of the...

The State of the Scaffolding Industry Playbook

Brand, Safway, Brock, Apache, Patent, SGB, Skyway, Brace . . .

With all the recent M&A activity, you can’t tell the players...

The Brock Group Has a New Owner, Now What?

The landscape of the large scaffolding companies has changed significantly in the last few months. Movement among these...

4 Things to Consider When Entering Into a Non-Compete in Connection with the Sale of Your Business

If you enter into a transaction to sell your business, you will inevitably be asked to enter into a covenant not to compete....

A Wolf in Options Clothing: A BrandSafway Transition Discussion

An important part of making the BrandSafway merger successful will be their ability to retain key employees. One of the ways...

Q3 2017 Industrial Quarterly Newsletter

Industrial and Construction Services News

Industrial Services Market to Reach $35.4 Billion by 2023 According to Research and...
Takeaways from the SAIA 2017 Annual Convention

I greatly enjoyed my time at the Scaffold & Access Industry Association (SAIA) annual meeting in Montreal this week and...

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