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4 Things You Need to Know About Non-Compete Clauses and Agreements

If you enter into a transaction to sell your business, you will inevitably be asked to enter into a covenant not to compete....

Q2 2017 Industrial Quarterly Newsletter

Industrial and Construction Services News

Equipment Leasing and Financing Association Forecasts Solid Growth for Q2


6 Steps to a Successful Strategic Growth Acquisition Plan

Want to make a middle market investment banker roll their eyes? Have a call or a meeting and tell them that you are a...

Brand Safway – Part IV – Now that the Merger has Cleared the Major Regulatory Hurdles, What's Next?

The proposed merger of Safway and Brand cleared a couple of significant hurdles on its path to completion, after receiving...

Safway/Brand Part III - How Will They Pay the Troops?

After each of my last two articles on the Safway / Brand merger, I have received a number of emails and LinkedIn messages...

The Safway/Brand Merger - An Integration Nightmare

 Following my initial article on the Safway / Brand Merger, I have received many inquiries about the merger and how these two...

Q1 2017 Industrial Quarterly Newsletter

Industrial and Construction Services News

Five-Year Forecast for Equipment Rental Revenue Strengthens

American Rental...

Brand is acquiring Safway. Now what? Four Key Takeaways
For those of you connected to the scaffolding or industrial service industry, the earth shaking Monday around 10:00 a.m....
7 Things to Think About When Selling Your Scaffolding Business

Having been involved in more than 25 transactions in the scaffolding business, we have developed deep industry experience. When...

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