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Industrial and Construction Services Newsletter - Q2 2022

TKO Miller Market Analysis 

Industrial and Construction Services 

Inflation, Valuation, and Selling Your Business

I have had nearly the same question in my last three meetings with business owners, "how will inflation/potential inflation...

Managing Exclusivity in this Time of Unprecedented Valuations

Exclusivity.  This is the moment in a transaction where you have picked the one buyer you want to close with after receiving...

Flexible Packaging Newsletter - Q1 2022

Flexible Packaging Trends 

Q1-2022 M&A activity has sustained its trajectory from 2021; we saw both strategic and financial...

Industrial and Construction Services Newsletter - Q1 2022

TKO Miller Market Analysis 

Industrial and Construction Services 

What the Heck is a Family Office and do I Need Them Involved in my Business Sale?

If you are thinking about selling your business and have thought about buyers, you are probably wrapping your head around ...

TKO Miller Advises Power Test, Inc. on its Sale to StoneTree Investment Partners


Target: Power Test, Inc. 

Target Headquarters: Sussex, WI

Acquirer: StoneTree Investment Partners

Acquirer Headquarters: ...

Types of Business Sale Transactions And What They Mean For You

"I sold my business" sounds pretty straight forward, but in reality can take on many different forms.  It can be an interesting...

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