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TKO Miller Advises Gearbox Express, LLC on its Sale to RNWBL, LLC


Target: Gearbox Express, LLC

Target Headquarters: Mukwonago, WI

Acquirer: RNWBL, LLC, a portfolio company of CSL...

Industrial and Construction Services Newsletter - Q4 2021

TKO Miller Market Analysis 

Construction Services 

Workforce shortage, supply chain disruptions, and construction cost...

Flexible Packaging Newsletter - Q4 2021

Flexible Packaging Trends 

2021 was an exciting year in Mergers and Acquisitions. Globally, 2021 hit a record of $5.0 trillion...

What Does it Mean Now That We've Signed This LOI?

A few years ago, I was working on a transaction in Mexico. After we negotiated the major terms of the deal, we signed the...

TKO Miller Advises CableMaster Corp. on its Sale to Tide Rock Holdings

MILWAUKEE, WI (December 15, 2021) – TKO Miller is pleased to announce the sale of CableMaster Corp. (“CableMaster” or the...

PRESS RELEASE: TKO Miller, LLC Expands Capabilities With New Hire

MILWAUKEE, WI. – TKO Miller, LLC, a middle-market investment banking firm based in Milwaukee, WI, has announced a new addition...

Flexible Packaging Newsletter - Q3 2021

Flexible Packaging Trends 

Long-term tailwinds continue to outweigh short-term headwinds in the flexible packaging industry,...

Industrial and Construction Services Newsletter - Q3 2021

TKO Miller Market Analysis 

Market Landscape

  • Labor shortages continue to be the prevailing pain point facing not just the...
Here's a COVID Surprise - Why it Might be a Big Valuation Mess if You Did Well in 2020 and Early 2021

Look - I knew the companies that sold puzzles, hand sanitizer, and masks were not going to be valued at their peak COVID levels...

TKO Miller Advises Consumer Packaging Group, Inc. on its Sale to PPC Flexible Packaging LLC

MILWAUKEE, WI (September 10, 2021) – TKO Miller is pleased to announce the sale of Consumer Packaging Group, Inc. (CPG), a...

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