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Target: Animix, LLCTKO Miller_Animix-Web2

Target Headquarters: Juneau, WI 

Acquirer: Benford Capital Partners

Acquirer Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Target Description: Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Juneau, WI, Animix is a leading provider of critical nutrients and custom-formulated, water-soluble premixes, supplements, and ingredients used in the production of milk substitutes and other animal feed products. Animix has steadily grown from a regional to an internationally recognized and award-winning provider of animal feed additives with an emphasis on calves and other young animal nutrition.

Deal Stats:

Advisory Service Sell-Side

Food & Beverage-1

Juneau HQ


Senior Deal Team:

Joe Froehlich

Tammie Miller (1)

Erik Eidem

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