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Target: GLK Foods, LLCGLK Tombstone

Target Headquarters: Appleton, WI 

Acquirer: Fermented Food Holdings 

Acquirer Headquarters: Miami, FL 

Target Description: GLK’s Sauerkraut Division is the largest producer of sauerkraut in the world, serving grocery, foodservice, and industrial co-pack markets. The Sauerkraut Division produces in-house brands such as Cortland Valley, Flanagan, Silver Floss, and Saverne, and co-packages the majority of all North American sauerkraut brands including privately labeled and other industrial co-packaged brands. In addition to its market-leading sauerkraut business, GLK Foods also produces and markets the popular Oh Snap! line of pickled vegetables. This business will be retained by GLK Foods.

Deal Stats:

Advisory Service Sell-Side

Food & Beverage

Appleton HQ

Senior Deal Team:

Tammie Miller (1)

Tim Oleszczuk (1)

Nick Kozik (2)


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