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Target: K.G. Stevens, Inc.

Target Headquarters: Milwaukee, WI 

Acquirer: Borgman Capital 

Acquirer Headquarters: Milwaukee, WI

Target Description: Founded in 1997, K.G. Stevens is a leading manufacturer, wholesaler, and installer of quartz, stone, solid surface, and porcelain countertops in the Midwest. K.G. Stevens works with dealers, remodelers, builders, architects, and interior designers both in the new build and remodeling segments of commercial and residential end-markets. The Company is known for carrying well-known brands and providing exceptional customer service. In 2020, K.G. Stevens expanded its offering to include cabinets and appliances, further solidifying its position as the go-to provider in its territory.

Deal Stats:

Advisory Service Sell-Side

Consumer products Industry  (1)

Milwaukee HQ


Senior Deal Team:

Joe Froehlich

Erik Eidem

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