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Debt Capital Market Update - Q3 2023

TKO Miller Debt Capital Market Analysis 

  • Leverage multiples have pulled back significantly in M&A transactions from their 2021...
So, You Don't Think You Have Any Debt?  Ask Your Employees How Their Day is Going

I sit on a non-profit Board of Directors. This organization is very conservative. They have a line of credit they have never...

Interest Rates, M&A, and Middle Market Trends

We have all seen the data about M&A valuations decreasing and deal volume falling in the second half of 2022. Unfortunately,...

Key Themes From A Recently Attended Private Equity Conference

I spend a lot of my time talking to private equity professionals. This might beg the question, "why would you want to do THAT?"

Bank Failures & Bailouts: What Does This All Mean For Middle-Market Mergers & Acquisitions?

I am not a big "place blame" person (unless you are my sister), so this blog won't be about assigning blame, political...

Cults of Personality Are Stupid: Inflation, Market Meltdowns, and Uncertainty Taught Us That At Least

My Sister-in-law, Margie (or Maggot if you are her brother), is a brilliant woman working in biotech on the West Coast. She...

Flexible Packaging Newsletter - Q2 2021

TKO Miller Market Analysis 

Despite a dramatic increase in raw material prices and a shortage of qualified labor, the flexible...

Flexible Packaging Newsletter - Q1 2020

TKO Miller Market Analysis 

  • The COVID-19 outbreak, thought to have started in a wholesale seafood and meat market in Wuhan,...
Debt Capital Market Update - Q4 2019

TKO Miller Debt Capital Market Analysis 

  • Leverage multiples remain at peak levels in M&A transactions due to an aggressive...
Flexible Packaging Newsletter - Q4 2019

TKO Miller Market Analysis 

  • Flexible packaging multiples have increased 20% since 2015 (see valuation index below) as...
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