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Wall St. is Awash in Cash. What Does That Mean for the Private Business Owner?

So. Much. Money.

It's tough to be a private equity group right now. PE Funds have the unusual problem of having raised a lot of...

4 Ways to Increase Business Valuation and How Investment Bankers Can Help

We heard from a business owner, "I have people calling to buy my business every day, why do I need you to help me sell my...

How Much Money is Your Business REALLY Making? 6 Things to Consider

As a business owner, your bottom line is likely a number that you think you know inside and out. When it comes to a...

5 Secrets to Selling Your Business Quickly Without Settling for a Low Price Tag

One of the truisms of selling your business is that once you have made the decision, it is always in your best interest to move...

Step by Step Guide to Calculating Your Business' Worth

It happens all the time. I meet with a business owner who tells me about what he or she does. They tell me how many employees...

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