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Key Themes From A Recently Attended Private Equity Conference

I spend a lot of my time talking to private equity professionals. This might beg the question, "why would you want to do THAT?"

Questions You Should Ask The PE Firm During Management Presentations

There is this moment in a management presentation after everyone says hello, nervously picks a seat, and explains what city...

Things Managers Should Think About When Investing in a Private Equity-Backed Transaction

Like any relationship, there are pushes and pulls built into the dynamic of private equity and company management. Asking...

Why Selling Your Business is Nothing Like Selling Your House

Sometimes we hear business owners or potential clients compare what we do to real estate brokers. And today, with the advent of...

If You Own a Business, You Need to Care About Private Equity

I know. You hear the phrase private equity, financial sponsor, or financial buyer and your brain just shuts down. If you own a...

Rolling Equity in a Business Sale: What Does It Mean and Why Do Buyers Like It?

You are elated because you have begun the process of selling your business. You have received some great initial offers from...

Strategic Buyers vs. Financial Buyers

We often talk about strategic and financial buyers throughout the sale process, but rarely take the time to explore their...

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