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Interest Rates, M&A, and Middle Market Trends

We have all seen the data about M&A valuations decreasing and deal volume falling in the second half of 2022. Unfortunately,...

I Know You Want to - But ...Think Twice About Taking Capital From a Strategic Partner When You're a Small Business

Growing a small business is hard. Bootstrapping the capital necessary to grow is difficult and time consuming and most...

Managing Exclusivity in this Time of Unprecedented Valuations

Exclusivity. This is the moment in a transaction where you have picked the one buyer you want to close with after receiving...

What the Heck is a Family Office and do I Need Them Involved in my Business Sale?

If you are thinking about selling your business and have thought about buyers, you are probably wrapping your head around ...

Why Is Everyone a Closet Investment Banker?

Don’t investment bankers just do multiplication? – I can do that

All The Wrong Moves:  What Did Your Attorney Do When You Mentioned You Had an Offer to Buy Your Business?

A buyer has reached out to you about acquiring your company. You are initially thrilled, but then you begin to be concerned....

9 Things to Consider Before Selling Your Business

Making the choice to sell some or all of the business you or your family worked hard to build is a big decision, and is often...

What The Heck Are Virtual Data Rooms?

All business professionals can probably agree that computers and the internet have had an immense impact on their business. In...

Size Matters: When to Use a Business Broker or an Investment Banker

Choosing an advisor to sell your business can be somewhat unclear, especially considering the loose categorizations people toss...

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