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Stop Telling People You Want to Sell Your Business

I have an outgoing client that I wish would never get on an airplane. Every time he goes on a trip, he begins talking with the...

Rolling Equity in a Business Sale: What Does It Mean and Why Do Buyers Like It?

You are elated because you have begun the process of selling your business. You have received some great initial offers from...

Communicating With Employees Once You've Sold Your Company

The process of selling a business is incredibly time consuming. Business owners and management teams will be stressed to their...

Safway/Brand Part III - How Will They Pay the Troops?

After each of my last two articles on the Safway / Brand merger, I have received a number of emails and LinkedIn messages...

8 Ways to Attract the Best Buyers for Your Business

Do they like me? Are they going to call back? Did they think we were attractive? We are not talking about nerves following a...

If You're Contemplating A Business Sale, There Are Very Few Reasons to Wait

Entrepreneurs and business owners tend to be hardworking, type-A, perfectionists and I think this might be the root cause of...

Why Your Lawyer, or Law Firm, Should Never Sell Your Business

There are three types of people reading this post. There are the people who read the headline and thought “of course they...

Four Reasons Why Business Owners Respond to the Tap on The Shoulder

Here at TKO Miller, we like to call it a “Tap on the Shoulder” when a business owner receives an unsolicited call, letter, or...

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