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Debt Capital Market Update - Q3 2023

TKO Miller Debt Capital Market Analysis 

  • Leverage multiples have pulled back significantly in M&A transactions from their 2021...
Can You Sell a Business That is Losing Money?

Selling a business can be tricky enough, and the process is made even more complicated if the company is losing money.

But is...

When to Call the M&A Advisor (Hint: It's Earlier Than You Think)

I am going to start this post with a little know secret that every business owner should know. M&A advisors will do a lot - and...

Interest Rates, M&A, and Middle Market Trends

We have all seen the data about M&A valuations decreasing and deal volume falling in the second half of 2022. Unfortunately,...

I Know You Want to - But ...Think Twice About Taking Capital From a Strategic Partner When You're a Small Business

Growing a small business is hard. Bootstrapping the capital necessary to grow is difficult and time consuming and most...

Selling the Recurring vs. the Non-Recurring Revenue Business

Whether starting a small business out of your garage or running a company that sells thousands of products per day, revenue is...

Bank Failures & Bailouts: What Does This All Mean For Middle-Market Mergers & Acquisitions?

I am not a big "place blame" person (unless you are my sister), so this blog won't be about assigning blame, political...

Questions You Should Ask The PE Firm During Management Presentations

There is this moment in a management presentation after everyone says hello, nervously picks a seat, and explains what city...

Don’t Panic – The FTC’s Proposed Non-Compete Ban May Not Apply to the Sale of Your Business

We have previously talked about the value of non-compete agreements when selling a business, so you, as a business seller or...

How Are Rollover Equity Transactions With Private Equity Typically Structured?

Rolling equity in a sale transaction remains as popular as ever. Private equity firms believe that having management teams...

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