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What the Heck is a Family Office and do I Need Them Involved in my Business Sale?

If you are thinking about selling your business and have thought about buyers, you are probably wrapping your head around ...

Flexible Packaging Newsletter - Q2 2021

TKO Miller Market Analysis 

Despite a dramatic increase in raw material prices and a shortage of qualified labor, the flexible...

Not All Earn-outs Are Equal: How to Identify & Evaluate Them All

During the process of selling your business, the night before Indications of Interest are due is probably a sleepless one....

Flexible Packaging Newsletter - Q1 2020

TKO Miller Market Analysis 

  • The COVID-19 outbreak, thought to have started in a wholesale seafood and meat market in Wuhan,...
Debt Capital Market Update - Q4 2019

TKO Miller Debt Capital Market Analysis 

  • Leverage multiples remain at peak levels in M&A transactions due to an aggressive...
Why We Don't list a Price on Businesses We Sell

If you buy pretty much anything, you generally look to see how much it costs.  Even big ticket items like houses and cars,...

Flexible Packaging Newsletter - Q4 2019

TKO Miller Market Analysis 

  • Flexible packaging multiples have increased 20% since 2015 (see valuation index below) as...
Things Managers Should Think About When Investing in a Private Equity-Backed Transaction

Like any relationship, there are pushes and pulls built into the dynamic of private equity and company management.  Asking...

Who Are These People That Keep Calling Me About Selling My Business?

If you own a business, I am sure you have experienced groups calling you asking if you have an interest in selling your...

Flexible Packaging Newsletter - Q3 2019

TKO Miller Market Analysis 

  • Flexible packaging’s ability to replace other packaging formats has resulted in growth in the U.S....
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