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Flexible Packaging Newsletter - Q1 2019

TKO Miller Market Analysis 

  • The Flexible Packaging Industry continued its strong growth trajectory in 2018 with an overall...
Using Your Neighbor's Valuation is a Lot Like Borrowing Their Shoes

I will give you a minute to get over the "ewww" factor involved in wearing someone else's shoes. 

How To Evaluate An Out-of-the-Blue Offer To Buy Your Business

Let's say you are running your business, just doing your thing, and out of nowhere you are contacted by a competitor/financial...

7 Things That Will Change the Way You Look at Investment Bankers

Sometimes I feel like an investment banker or M&A advisor is one of those universally disliked occupations. We are usually cast...

5 Ways To Determine The Right Timing For Your Client’s Business Sale

The decision to sell a business is rarely made in an instant. It is usually a process. It can involve several days of yes, a...

You Want What? 8 Things You Weren't Expecting During Due Diligence

Due diligence is the root canal of the merger and acquisition world. No matter how invasive we tell our clients it's going to...

An M&A Advisor Will Not Muddy Your Sale Transaction

Here's the sad, sad movie that I get to see all the time: a business owner, that I have talked to, calls me to tell me that he...

All That Crazy Sh%t You Run Through Your Business - Your Business Broker Doesn't Care

Business owners are a funny bunch. They are almost universally type-A personalities and are stubbornly proud. There is a range...

Quality of Earnings Reports as Part of a Sale Transaction: The Who, The What and The Why

As part of the preparation for a potential sale of your business, it is important to be aware of all the steps that may occur...

Tools Your Investment Banker Has To Sell Businesses

For all you skeptics out there that think that investment bankers or business brokers are irrelevant and expensive, let me show...

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