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An M&A Advisor Will Not Muddy Your Sale Transaction

Here's the sad, sad movie that I get to see all the time: a business owner, that I have talked to, calls me to tell me that he...

All That Crazy Sh%t You Run Through Your Business - Your Business Broker Doesn't Care

Business owners are a funny bunch. They are almost universally type-A personalities and are stubbornly proud. There is a range...

Quality of Earnings Reports as Part of a Sale Transaction: The Who, The What and The Why

As part of the preparation for a potential sale of your business, it is important to be aware of all the steps that may occur...

Tools Your Investment Banker Has To Sell Businesses

For all you skeptics out there that think that investment bankers or business brokers are irrelevant and expensive, let me show...

Seek Experienced Legal Counsel for your Business Sale Transaction

A good business needs good legal support, and when it is time to sell your business and reap the rewards of years of hard work,...

Succession Planning Podcast With First Business Bank

I recently sat down with Tim Keane, Mark Shiller and John Zimdars on the Succession Planning Podcast with First Business Bank. ...

TKO Miller Advises Phoenix Products Company, Inc. on its Sale to JMC Capital Partners

TKO Miller, LLC, a leading middle-market investment bank, today announced the acquisition of Phoenix Products Company, Inc., ...

5 Keys to Finding Promising Strategic Buyers for Your Business

Oftentimes, prospective sellers envision a sale to a strategic buyer, but seldom do they know where to start or how to assure...

How to Engage an Investment Bank to Sell Your Business

When you have the decision to sell your business you often feel like you have jumped the highest hurdle.  In some ways, you...

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