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Will YE2022/Early 2023 be the Year of the Strategic Acquirer?

The low interest rate, high growth, and lofty valuation environment has made most business owners look Buffet-like and most...

How To Evaluate An Out-of-the-Blue Offer To Buy Your Business

Let's say you are running your business, just doing your thing, and out of nowhere you are contacted by a competitor/financial...

5 Ways To Determine The Right Timing For Your Client’s Business Sale

The decision to sell a business is rarely made in an instant.  It is usually a process.  It can involve several days of yes, a...

Tools Your Investment Banker Has To Sell Businesses

For all you skeptics out there that think that investment bankers or business brokers are irrelevant and expensive, let me show...

5 Keys to Finding Promising Strategic Buyers for Your Business

Oftentimes, prospective sellers envision a sale to a strategic buyer, but seldom do they know where to start or how to assure...

Why Selling Your Business is Nothing Like Selling Your House

Sometimes we hear business owners or potential clients compare what we do to real estate brokers. And today, with the advent of...

Brand is acquiring Safway. Now what? Four Key Takeaways
For those of you connected to the scaffolding or industrial service industry, the earth shaking Monday around 10:00 a.m....
Strategic Buyers vs. Financial Buyers

We often talk about strategic and financial buyers throughout the sale process, but rarely take the time to explore their...

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