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BUY-SIDE DONE RIGHT- USING AN M&A ADVISOR TO GROW - eBook mockBuy-Side Done Right: Using an M&A Advisor to Grow (eBook)

Making the decision to hire an investment banker or M&A advisor to drive your corporate growth strategy through acquisitions can be a turning point for a business.  While there are certainly advantages to ramping up the process with dedicated professional resources, it is important that you enter into the relationship with the right frame of mind and having done some work on your end as well.  

This eBook describes the buy-side process in detail and outlines specific responsibilities of the M&A advisor and the corporate client.  It includes information on:

  • Finding targets
  • How to work with an M&A advisor
  • What to do once you find a target
  • How to complete the deal


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The professionals at TKO Miller were experts at the transaction issues that arose when I bought S.R. Sales.  However, they also brought to the table the ability to deal with issues such as understanding family dynamics and personalities.  Without their experience in both the technical and emotional areas of a transaction, it would never have been completed.

John Steindorf
- CEO & President S.R. Sales Company