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It's Better to Know

Don't guess with your most important asset.  If you have been approached by a buyer, if you are curious about what your business might sell for or if you just need some advice about what next steps might be, give us a call.  We would rather equip you with information than see you leave millions of dollars on the table.

The TKO Miller professionals have a great deal of experience valuing middle market businesses.  With over 150 completed transactions and thousands of relationships in the industry, we are constantly keeping our eyes and ears on the market in order to understand current valuation trends.


Things We Tell All Business Owners
  • Buyers are usually better at buying than sellers are at selling
  • Most sellers have no idea how much value they are leaving on the table
  • An isolated seller is a vulnerable seller


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"Maintaining leverage during the transaction is crucial and it is with an educated seller that this works best.  Don’t be unreasonable, but be in control."
Joe Froehlich
- Managing Director, TKO Miller