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Rep and Warranty Insurance - mock eBookRep and Warranty Insurance for Small to Medium-sized Transactions (eBook)

Representation and warranty insurance has been around some time but has largely been reserved for larger transactions.  Lower prices, combined with a greater understanding of how to use insurance in a merger and acquisition transaction, has created an environment where rep and warranty insurance can be used for middle market deals. 

This is a comprehensive look at rep and warranty insurance and will include topics such as

  • What is representation and warranty insurance?
  • What are representations and warranties?
  • How to buy rep and warranty insurance?
  • What does it cost and who pays for it?
  • When does rep and warranty insurance make sense?


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The professionals at TKO Miller were experts at the transaction issues that arose when I bought S.R. Sales.  However, they also brought to the table the ability to deal with issues such as understanding family dynamics and personalities.  Without their experience in both the technical and emotional areas of a transaction, it would never have been completed.

John Steindorf
- CEO & President S.R. Sales Company