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The Most Important Sale You Will Ever Make

Family owned businesses generally don't receive the same level of attention from talented advisors as their larger corporate brethren.  Five people from Wall Street will hop on a jet to visit a large corporation in a heartbeat, but it might be difficult to get a quality advisor to visit a smaller company.  Secondly, selling a family owned business takes more time, more patience and more listening.  More time, because family owned businesses generally don’t have teams of professionals looking at every decision possibility, and when a decision is made, they have to wonder what the ramifications will be next Thanksgiving dinner!  Selling a family owned business means that TKO Miller spends more time educating our clients, listening to the needs, wants and worries of the family, and waiting, if necessary, until the time is right. 


Some topics this book will cover include:
  • 1Limitations on trying to time the market.

  • 2What to do before you sell your business

  • 3Common seller mistakes

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TKO Miller recognized the importance of identifying a partner that shares my vision for T&B's future.

Berk Ellis
- CEO, T&B Equipment