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Selling to Private Equity

Selling your business, which is already a challenging process, can seem more difficult when the concept of private equity groups as buyers enters the equation.  This book will help you understand what private equity is looking for in a business, how they work versus strategic buyers, and how you can maximize your return working within the private equity model of purchasing businesses.  In many cases, owners can use the purchase of their business by private equity as a substantial value creation event.  

Topics in this book will include:

  • What is a Private Equity Group/Financial Buyer?
  • The Difference Between Financial Buyers and Strategic Buyers
  • The Role of Debt in a Transaction with Private Equity
  • How a Seller Can Make Even More Money In the Next Sale Alongside their Private Equity Partner

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Maximizing the value that a business trades for is best achieved by assembling a broad base of buyers, both strategic and financial, and requiring them to bid against each other in a structured, competitive sale process.

Tim Oleszczuk
- Managing Director, TKO Miller