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Buy-side Projects

Acquisitions are often the most efficient way for a company to grow. Sometimes, acquisitions can help a company reduce its exposure to a particular industry or cyclicality.  TKO Miller can help your business do a broad acquisition search where we look at a variety of companies or we can assist you with the acquisition of a single target. 

The TKO approach to buy-side work is a little different than other investment banks.  We do not believe that running SIC code searches, sending mass mailings, or posting “business wanted” ads on websites yield good results.  Generally, those approaches get you companies that are for sale versus the companies that you want.  Instead, we use a collaborative and consultative approach that looks at the industries, geographies, technologies, or even customers that might be appealing to you as the buyer.  We then work with the results that you provide to find companies that may be a match.  We then reach out to those companies on a very high level, usually a call to the CEO/President/Owner.  This tends to take a bit longer, but often yields much better results. 

"I have worked with the principals of TKO Miller for more than 20 years.  Over that time, we completed more than 20 transactions and pursued countless others.  TKO Miller was an integral part of taking our business from $50 million of revenue to over $1 billion. "

- Marc Wilson, Former CEO & President of Safway Services

In addition, TKO Miller works with our clients throughout the entire buy-side process.  We identify targets, assist with the valuation of those targets, draft the legal documents, and negotiate the sale process.  We can also assist with due diligence and financial review. 


The Buy-side Engagement Process


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