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Scaffolding & Construction Services 

TKO Miller is the most experienced scaffolding and construction services investment bank in the United States.  Known as a prominent industry observer and tactician, TKO Miller is an active and well-known participant in the sector. We have completed over 30 transactions in this space with an aggregate transaction value over $2.5 billion. We have deep industry relationships in every phase of the scaffolding, access, construction, and industrial service industries, having worked for, against or counseled nearly every major player in the sector.  

Experience and Expertise

  • Over 30 years experience in the scaffolding and construction products and services industries
  • Access to every major industry executive and decision-maker
  • Very strong and broad relationships across North America with scaffold, formwork, and multi-serve companies 
  • Key relationships throughout Europe and South America 

Recent Industry Transactions 

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